Personal Image Consultancy

Please visit our sister company, Revamp my Image, an Essex based Personal Image Consultancy which gives advice on all aspects of your image. We work with both men and women who want to look good and feel full of confidence! Have you entered a new phase of your life; a new job, social scene, home, lifestyle, have recently had children or want to return to work after a substantial period of time? Your image and appearance maybe restricting you from reaching your goals or pursuing a dream! At Revamp My Image our goal is to help you create the image you want to project in all aspects of your life, social or professional and have fun doing so! Whatever your needs, we will bring out the best in you!


~ Colour Analysis ~

~ Style & Body line Analysis ~

~ Personal Image Consultation ~

~ Wardrobe Auditing ~

~ Personal Shopping ~

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07813 809 946